Rapha Zurita

The Torres de Quart - Valencia, Spain

The Torres de Quart is another remainder of the old city walls, on pair with the Torres de Serranos. Quite different, they were built a little later, in the Late Gothic style, also with a defensive function. Unlike Torres de Serranos though they did came to perform that function in 19th century - the gates were Napoleon’s point of entry into the city. The towers used to bear the scars of his cannon balls until the recent restoration. Just as imposing as the Torres de Serranos, they are more difficult to appreciate though, being cramped in the small spaces of Carmen, but it gives them a certain domestic charm that Torres de Serranos don’t have in their wide space.
Source: http://www.valenciavalencia.com/sights-guide/sights-listings/torres-quart.htm

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